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Institute Profile


The Nanjing-Helsinki Institute in Atmospheric and Earth System Sciences, Nanjing University (NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute) was established in April 2022 through a partnership between Nanjing University and the University of Helsinki. The institute's primary objectives include developing a modern talent training system in the field of atmospheric and earth system sciences and fostering outstanding individuals with a global perspective. It also aims to cultivate talent with the potential to lead in addressing pressing global issues like climate change and sustainable development through scientific research, while contributing to local and national efforts in environmental governance, climate change mitigation, and global sustainable development.

High-level talent cultivation

  • Double degree programs
  • Comprehensive individual development

Excellent faculty community

  • Top scholars worldwide
  • Tenure-track positions

Leading research & innovation centers

  • Major disciplinary frontiers
  • Joint labs & observation platforms

Highly beneficial social impact

  • Response to climate change, disaster prevention and preparedness needs
  • Contribution to regional development

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