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Opening Ceremony 2023 of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute

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On the afternoon of September 26, the opening ceremony 2023 of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute took place on Gulou Campus. Prof. Wang Zhenlin, Vice President of Nanjing University attended the ceremony and gave a speech. Prof. Ding Aijun, Dean of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute, presided over the ceremony.


  Speech by Prof. Wang Zhenlin, Vice President of Nanjing University

On behalf of Nanjing University, Vice President Wang Zhenlin extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to all the students and expressed his sincere gratitude to all who have offered their care and assistance for the preparation and establishment of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute. He stated that Nanjing University and the University of Helsinki had collaborated so deeply to face the challenges of climate change, and to explore the future vitality of the global community. He then put forward specific suggestions to all the students: The first is to know who you are. Students should strive for individual development and contribute Chinese wisdom to issues for the global community like climate change. The second is to inspire what you learn. He hoped that students would strengthen their fundamental knowledge and actively expand their perspective, so as to lay a solid foundation for the following interdisciplinary study. The third is to contribute what you can. He hoped that students would take the initiative to combine theoretical knowledge with practical problems, so as to enhance their vision, and to recognize the current and future environmental challenges of China and the world from the perspective systematically. Then, Vice President Wang encouraged all the students to keep the motto of Nanjing University in mind, "Sincerity, simplicity and majesty, inspiring learning and practice", and to take practical action to contribute to the nation as the new generation.


 Speech by Sari Lindblom, Rector of the University of Helsinki

"The inaugural start of the academic year at our joint institute is a historic occasion. "

"This marks the start of the most significant international collaboration for the University of Helsinki in terms of education."

Sari Lindblom, Rector of the University of Helsinki, sent her warm greetings to the students via video, where she highly affirmed the significance of the construction of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute and its prospects for a bright future. With the high-quality education resources of Nanjing University and the University of Helsinki combined with each other, the prospects of the students will be even broader. Sari Lindblom hoped that the students would overcome the difficulties, whether they choose the academic path of scientific research or not, and contribute to humanitys future.


 Speech by Prof. Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki

Prof. Markku Kulmala, Director of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at the University of Helsinki, Academician of the Academy of Finland, and Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, presented an online address to the students. He pointed out that the establishment of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute based on the longstanding intensive cooperation between the two universities, which is a globally transcendent success. He hoped that the students would go further on the road of scientific research, making full use of the infrastructures and facilities provided by the two universities.



Introduction by Prof. Ding Aijun, Dean of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute

Considering the past, Dean Ding expressed his gratitude to all the directors, experts, and teachers again. He said that the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute would continue to uphold the spirit of Chinese-Finnish mutual cooperation, and strive to improve the level of international cooperation and exchanges, so as to contribute to the construction of the Nanjing University for the new generations. Afterward, Dean Ding introduced the current situation of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute and the talent cultivation programs. He pointed out that atmospheric sciences are subjects that face the problem of global climate change, which is an indispensable part of disaster prevention and mitigation as well as the construction of ecological civilization. It is also a crucial step towards the sustainable development of the global community. By aligning its disciplines and specialties with science frontiers and social needs for tackling climate change, the Institute will be committed to cultivating top-notch talents with excellent innovative spirits and global perspectives.


  Speech by Dr. Tom Kokkonen, the Finnish faculty of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute

I want to thank the president, the professors, and all the staff that has made it possible to start this joint institute now, including also the administrative staff.

As the representative of the Finnish faculty of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute, Dr. Tom Kokkonen gave a speech in person. He said that the cooperation between Nanjing University and the University of Helsinki in the field of atmospheric and Earth system sciences had achieved great results and formed a deep friendship with each other. Dr. Kokkonen has been working at the School of Atmospheric Sciences of Nanjing University for two years and has witnessed the cooperation between the two universities. He has also devoted himself to the establishment of the institute himself. He expressed his wishes for the students. He believed that with its top-notch faculty and staff, the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute could provide the best educational resources and research facilities for the students.



Speech by Prof. Wang Minghuai, the Chinese faculty of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute

Prof. Wang Minghuai gave a speech as the representative of the Chinese faculty of the Institute and shared with the students his own experience of returning from abroad and participating in the preparation of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute. He suggested that students should manage to make internationalization an exclusive feature of the institute through the following steps: Respect and accept each other. Work together and focus on global problems. Move forward together and then make a difference.



Speech by Ran Xiqiao as representative of undergraduate students 2023

Students themselves also told their own stories at the ceremony. As the representative of 2023 undergraduates, Ran Xiqiao expressed her love for atmospheric sciences and her high recognition of the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute. Nanjing lies in East China and Helsinki in North Europe. Even though they are separated by thousands of miles, they still share the same sky and the same love for the ever-changing atmosphere. And mankind should also have a better future.


  Speech by Tang Shihan as representative of graduate students 2023

Tang Shihan shared her experience with atmospheric sciences. She majored in physics as an undergraduate, and was fascinated by climate change problems, and has been working on them ever since. She believed that the NJU Nanjing-Helsinki Institute, which seeks to serve global issues such as climate change and sustainability, is an ideal platform for students like her to explore and learn more about these issues. She then expressed her wish that all the students would be able to find their positions and missions for the nation.

Vice President Prof. Wang Zhenlin, academician Prof. Fu Congbin, and other directors from related Offices of Nanjing University jointly present appointment letters for Student Mentors.



The students of the Institute then put in a great performance with their unique style. All the students sang the university song with their mentor Ms. Dai Beiye together and ended the Opening Ceremony 2023. Hopefully the students have a great start and enjoy their time at the Institute.

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