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Lecture | “NHI Views the World” Series --NJU Promotion Conference on Global Integrated Learning was Successfully Held

Author:戴贝叶、李嘉淇 Time:2024-01-11 Views:

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On the afternoon of December 6, NJU Promotion Conference on Global Integrated Learning, an emblematic event of “NHI Views the World” Series with the aim of cementing NJU Forging Ahead Initiative and broadening the global vision of students, was successfully held at I-307 of Yi-fu Building, Xianlin Campus of Nanjing University. The event, presided over by the student counsellor Dai Beiye, invited Ms. Shen Wenjie from NJU Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, as well as students with rich exchange experiences to share with the freshmen of School of Atmospheric Science.

First of all, Ms. Shen led the students to revisit the importance of global integrated learning in the opening and development of NJU, and strengthened their belief of “going from NJU to the world stage”. Taking this opportunity, she introduced in detail to the students the global integrated learning system of NJU from the four perspectives of “curriculum”, “research”, “culture” and “practice”. What’s more, she analyzed the questionnaire survey for the freshmen of NHI in the pre-presentation period, affirmed the enthusiasm of the students for scientific research, and provided them with advice on choosing schools for further exchanges in the light of the characteristics of atmospheric sciences. Shen also stressed the significance of expertise as “hard power” and language skills as “soft power”, and explained to the students NJU New Youth Global Competency Development Program as a guidance for future study and work.

Next, Liang Aaomin, undergraduate student of class 2020, shared his overseas exchanges with the freshmen students. Liang began with his learning experience at Oxford University. From the London Eye Ferris Wheel to the Greenwich Planetarium, from the deepening understanding of knowledge to the cultivation of creative thinking, what he recouped was the integration of different cultures and better command of emerging concepts regarding his major, which inspired him to fathom the interconnection between science and life. Then, Liang mentioned his study life at the University of California, Berkeley. He demonstrated the boons of global integrated learning with the introduction of his campus life and his research achievements. Liang encouraged the freshmen to step out of their comfort zone, cherish the opportunities provided by NJU, and explored their own career path with courage and confidence.

The NJU Promotion Conference on Global Integrated Learning, branch of “NHI Views the World” Series, fully demonstrated our university’s unique advantages in global integration and the design of individualized programme to students. We are looking forward to absorbing more students of NHI to join the wave of global integrated learning at NJU, to take the spiritual endowment of “broadening the vision, going global and taping the potential at the world stage”, and to make into practice the essence of NHI Views the World” with their extreme enthusiasm and hard work.

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