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Meteorological Popularization in the primary section of Nanjing Foreign Language School Xianlin Campus

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President Xi Jinping once pointed out that meteorology is related to the safety of people, the prosperity of society and the sound development of production and ecology. Therefore, it is of great importance to popularize meteorological science in primary school, which can unveil the mystery of meteorology for primary school students and ignite their enthusiasm for science and meteorology. This is also the long-term pursuit of Tuchangwang Youth Lecturer Group of Nanjing University.


First, Ms. Zheng Aoxue started her lecture about rain with explanation of today’s weather, leading the students into the world of rain. Then, Ms. Zheng talked about the common causes of rain in reality. Later on, she introduced the interesting sunshine rain and the rainbow that may appear in the sunshine rain, which made the students full of excitement. Speaking of rain, the students seemed to have lots of opinions to share. In the interactive session, some expressed their love for rain while others talked about the reasons why they dislike it. During the session, some students demonstrated their excellent grasp of knowledge by reciting some ancient Chinese poems about rain.



Rain is not always gentle, sometimes accompanied by lightning and thunder. Ms. Mao Ziyan came on the stage and told the students the story of thunder and lightning. Ms. Mao attracted their attention with lots of interesting pictures from myths, legends and movie and television characters about thunder and lightning. And the students are also amazed by the images shown on the screen. Later on, they interacted enthusiastically with Ms. Mao, making bold guesses about the power of lightning and putting forward their own ideas about its causes. She also introduced the students to the precautionary measures against lightning, telling them that lightning is not so scary as long as they protect themselves.



Finally, it is time for Mr. Xiong Yijie to teach the students how to make a weathervane. Mr. Xiong used a small fan to show how the weathervane works, and then he asked the students to follow his instructions, assembling the parts step by step. Some of them were very dexterous, and those who encountered difficulties were also able to solve their problems with the help of other teachers or other classmates. In the end, almost every student made his or her own weathervane and could not wait to hold it up to share their joy with their teachers and classmates. After the lecture, they could visualize the existence of wind when the wind cups and arrows of the weathervanes rotate.




Tuchangwang Youth Lecturer Group, founded in November 2019, with meteorological science popularization as its core, is committed to publicizing meteorological knowledge, conveying the spirit of science, and exploring the ever-changing world of meteorology.

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